Keeping the music going...
Some things never change….

… you’re probably saying as you see this long-absent blog posting. Quite honestly, a lot of things have been foremost in my consideration. I can, however, put some blame for my usual delay in doing these on Verizon - it seems that our phone line has gone screwy five times in two months. We get this miserable loud hum on the line, cannot hear a thing and the DSL works intermittently. (There’s always some mystery as to how it starts working again - they just say “The problem has cleared up. Call us if it happens again.” While my timeliness is suffering in terms of my communications, I have managed to catch up on the long-neglected bookwork (as in ledgers and figures and receipts) and house maintenance.

Dates are falling into the calendar as I speak; I’m doing several private gigs during September and the Group is back at Witherspoon Grill. October gets a bit more in the swing with two Group dates in Woodbridge NJ (our favorite city on the east coast). Of course, I will be at NAMM again in January 2011 - last year was a blast and my son has agreed to travel along (no arm twisting needed). He’s going to be my official videographer for the trip — last year I was always too early or too late to get recorded during a performance. (Of course, he may end up chronicling the USA Bikini Team when they march through the main hall….)

The live recordings are sitting happily on/in a hard drive - I’m not getting the optimum conditions to do the EQ and post-production in terms of sound. Then again, it may be a convenient excuse…. I always suffer through production and post-production of my CDs. In the studio the clock is ticking and the cash is flowing so I reluctantly push myself forward. At home, however, it’s a different matter, thought he productions costs are much lower.

On the technical end I’ve just procured a long-sought-after Lab L3 amplifier (1X12, 60W) via Ebay. I’ve pursued several during the last few months and always have some sly fox flip an outrageous bid in at the last 15 seconds. Last night was different. I’ve used the L5 (2X12, 100W) since they first came out and currently have two. With the smaller venues I’m currently playing the single 12” speaker version is perfect. Interestingly, the Lab amps, which were designed and manufactured my Moog Industries, are always undervalued in terms of wattage. The older L5 clocks in around 150W. (That’s also the one that flipped out of a van and end-over-end right before we opened for National Health - it worked perfectly at the gig and only needed the reverb tank replaced about five years later.)

I’m also hitting some of the local jam sessions here in Philly. It’s the first time in about ten years and I’m enjoying it, especially finding the songs I still need to learn.

I’ll post more soon.